Hadj Messaoud

Fullstack Developer

hadjmessaoud.yassine at gmail dot com

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About Me

Since my childhood, I always had an inventive and creative mind. I wanted to learn everything about the world and know the more things as possible. To my mind, creating and learning processes are very close to each others: we create using our knowledge, allowing us to learn more. I have early found my way in computer science. It gave me the possibility to create and manage my own creations the way I wanted, all that without limiting me or preventing me from extending my global knowledge.

Nowadays a Cloud Engineer apprentice on a side, and a Fullstack Web Developer freelance on another, I appreciate the DevOps and Agile methodologies, and adopt them as my main frames to guide my work.

I am also found of cooking, you can find me in front of the oven during the compilation time.


Air-France KLM

Cloud Engineer Apprentice

At the Application Operations and Support pole, I have been responsible to manage the batch scheduling (Control-M) using container technologies (CloudFoundry).


Webiste and Mobile programming internship

At Emencia, a company specialized in Python development, I assisted to the development of a mobile application in Python, after the preliminary stages of negotiation and modeling.

The mission given was to develop a mobile application which allows the supervisors of UTB to make their employees tally. Until now, the employees were tallying manually, using tally sheets, and a manual and individual checking of attendance and other parameters. Therefore, this mission had to resolve the major problem of transforming a process, initially manual, into a mobile application, and had to propose a more practical system, both for the management in back office and for the persons who were responsible of the tallying.

Given the way the people would use the application, many options were available to allow the application to be used wherever the site supervisor was, and to obtain a practical product. The held solution was the development of a Python mobile application using a library named Kivy.

I contributed to the development of the application and created an automation for the build using Docker.


École Centrale d'Électronique Paris

Sept 2017 - Sept 2020

Information System Engineering

INSEEC University London

Apr 2018 - July 2018

International semester, Field Of Study Business, Economics, Fintech and Management

IUT Paris V

Sept 2015 - Aug 2017

DUT in Computer Sciences


Warehouse management mobile application suite

In partnership with MSB France, I had the opportunity to learn about the warehouse management and developped a suite of mobile applications using React-native (Android and iOS): an app intended to be used by the manager of the warehouse, to manage and log the treasurery and the stocks, another intended to automatize and manage the delivery from the smartphone and finally one for the clients to allow them to create and modify their orders.

I have also created a website model created intended to be used by the clients. An example can be seen here.


Developped during my DUT, I have been looking for an elegant way to search for engineering schools. I've displayed a map you can browse and the ability to rate the schools displayed on it. View Project